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With NMVFIS, you equip your finances with strength, simplicity, clarity and confidence.

Disruptive Innovators

Our community unravels path-breaking innovations, shaking the status-quo. We create and develop disruptions for investment opportunities that translate into success for each and every individual.

Risk Takers

We understand that this terrain is always full of surprises and dead-ends. The mark of a true pioneer is the stamina to absorb risks and the tenacity to turn rough edges into breakthroughs. And, we believe that we hold that stamina!

Relationship Builders

We do not enter just into contracts, we build relationships, where we continuously and immensely, strengthen our customers. We have the back of our customers – no matter what. Once we start the journey with them, we stay along – flat tires or milestones – everywhere.

Our Features

What makes NMVFIS Unique?

Diversity, equity and inclusion are at our core!

Our Advocacy is found in the name of our community itself, NMVFIS which means, No More Victims From Investment Scams, by having our own community platform on which we can really trust that it won't runaway like what other scampany is doing! Leaving all victims behind with sorrow and in disadvantage situation.

Here we empower everyone via free trainings, and offering the benefits of being involve in the world of crypto currencies where traditional business and even banks can't give the extreme profits and great return of investments endeavors.

Great income in the world of Crypto is real it's beyond traditional business calculations, the only problem is in the people behind the operation as they tend to scam their members/followers once they reach the Peak of the Threshold on their target income, leaving all victims in misery, and that's what we will prevent here in NMVFIS community.


Bitcoin, Ethereum and Tron have emerged as very profitable and successful cryptocurrencies. Their popularity for P2P transactions, Credit Sharing and Payments has increased significantly. NMVFIS intends to educate everyone in the community members can multiply their finances in this area.

The potential of Bitcoin, Ethereum and Tron are vast with its Blockchain- Based, Decentralized nature and its high scalability which has led them to be a valiant contender in the cryptocurrency market. Their features and security make it a very profitable investment medium. and therefore, we have tested a great platform to help people invest and grow their Bitcoin, Ethereum and Tron cryptocurrencies securely and easily using AI Bot.

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